On Memorial Day we reflect on our freedoms and remember, it is only possible because of American service people who died fighting to make it so. Recently, many Americans have talked on TV and social media about feeling trapped and frustrated. Given our current life adjustments, that is understandable. But, maybe an adjustment, or reminder, of a different point of view would be helpful. Because we all know, we aren't really trapped. We can go outside and get active in a hundred different ways. We feel frustrated, but so many people have fired up their ingenuity and created work-arounds. It's inspiring. We miss gathering with friends, yet, we know there are, today, many thousands of people around the world living scared and isolated all the time. We have also seen people sharing their lifesaving medical skills, at their own peril, and others taking action to create health care supplies. We have heard people share their applause and still more share their food. A generous, helpful, path is a beautiful way to show gratitude for all that we have; the first, last and pinnacle of which, is freedom. And so, on this 2020 Memorial Day, we say thank you to all the American service people who have died in service achieving and protecting our freedom. Thank you for our freedom